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Are Shipping Container Homes Safe?

Are Shipping Container Homes Safe?

Housing is an important commodity that must not be taken for granted. In 2017, there were approximately 553,742 homeless people in the USA. As a non-profit project, The Dream Homes Project aims to help those who are not capable of owning a home by building and...

The Importance of Having Your Own Home

The Importance of Having Your Own Home

Having a home that can be called yours is one of the greatest dreams for most people, and some people find this their topmost priority in this life. For those that are leasing their space, you might have an idea of the importance of owning your home. Of course, the...

We do not benefit or gain any profit

We take care of all the costs such as property and construction and all we ask in exchange is for the prospective homeowners to take care of their home and pay their utilities.
We don't ask much

Every penny counts! every time you donate there is a new home for a family.